by Julie Hentz

The iSMA Board second quarter meeting occurred June 12th and 18th.  News includes:

  • A goodbye and sincere thanks to Nedra Kline Weinreich and Kelley Dennings for their contributions to the Board’s work as they leave their posts. We welcome newly elected board members, Luca Uguzzoni, Karis Schoellmann, Diogo Verissimo who each have fascinating backgrounds that will enhance our work at iSMA. Please stay tuned for more information on our new board members in the coming weeks on the iSMA website.
  • The iSMA Business Plan and the Constitution were discussed, approved by SMANA and AASM. ESMA has some requested changes which will be addressed in July between iSMA and ESMA.
  • Voting for Board position vacancies, Vice President, Treasurer, and Webinar Manager will take place in the next few weeks with potential candidates having put forth their names.
  • Regional Association Representatives to the Board have been identified, other than the Africa Social Marketing Association, and will serve as the line of communication between iSMA Board and the Associations.
  • Outgoing Treasurer, Kelley Dennings provided a review of the iSMA financial report for 2018 to date. The state of the budget is strong from new association member funds.
  • The World Social Marketing Conference will occur in late spring 2018 in Edinburgh, Scotland. iSMA is slated to host some sessions including: 1. Differences and Similarities: Social Marketing, Behavior Change Communication, and Communication for Development; 2. The Next Generation Speaks panel, featuring four younger members of the profession; and 3. An overview of iSMA objectives and achievements within the Social Marketing community in its model as an alliance of regional associations.
  • In July, the United Nation’s High Level Political Forum will meet. The Alliance will be hosting an advocacy session during the Forum to encourage the UN and other funding agencies to include behavior change and social marketing as part of their development projects moving forward. Patrick Cook will attend and report back to iSMA on this activity.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions regarding the 2nd Quarter Board Meeting.